This is Tirana

Lively, colorful Tirana is the beating heart of
Albania, where this tiny nation’s hopes and dreams coalesce into a vibrant
whirl of traffic, brash consumerism and unfettered fun. Having undergone a
transformation of extraordinary proportions since awaking from its communist
slumber in the early 1990s, Tirana’s center is now unrecognizable, with
buildings painted in primary colors, and public squares and pedestrianized
streets that are a pleasure to wander.
Trendy Blloku buzzes with the well-heeled and
flush hanging out in bars and cafes, while the city’s grand boulevards are
lined with fascinating relics of its Ottoman, Italian and communist past – from
delicate minarets to loud socialist murals. Add to this some excellent museums
and you have a compelling list of reasons to visit. With the traffic doing
daily battle with both itself and pedestrians, the city is loud, crazy,
colorful and dusty, but Tirana is never dull.

This is where we meet...

We meet in front of the Et’hem Bej Mosque, located in the center of Tirana, at the left of the Opera House.